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Transformation kiosk door.

Transformation kiosks needs to fulfil certain demands.
Our aluminium transformation kiosk doors delivers sufficient ventilation for hot machinery.

It also provides tamper free vents, which prevents foreign objects from being stuck into the transformation kiosk and possibly damaging equipment or cause injury.

Our vents are among the best there is in throughput of air and can withstand certain pressure or explosion from within the kiosk. Download the SINTEF test report for details. The discharge coefficient is 0,289 which equals to an EN 13030 Class 3.

We deliver single or double leafed doors with one, two or none vents in each door leaf. Doors are delivered with locking crates for Trioving (5049/25) lock case. Chains prevents the door from getting caught by the wind.

The doors can also be fitted with "Panic-Release" (ELTRAG™) and for an additional fee, the doors or vents may be painted in RAL colors.

Standalone vents can also be ordered separately. From sizes 90cm wide to 200cm.

Art.No.: Description Width X Heigth
7600 Door with two vents # x #
7601 Door with one vent # x #
7602 Door without vents # x #
7603 Two leafed door with four vents # x #
7604 Two leafed door with two vents # x #
7605 Two leafed door without vents # x #
7606 Filter grate 960 x 520mm
7607 'Cat-Hatch' - A hatch for temporarily cable extraction 240 x 120mm
7608 Vent with 'ears' - mounting brackets # x #
7609 Vent without 'ears' - mounting brackets # x #
Standard width and heights of doors, other measures on request.
Width 90 110 120 130 140 160 170 190 200
Leafs one one one one/two one/two two two two two